We hope this newsletter finds you in great spirits and health! 

Thanks to your generosity and ongoing support, we’ve been able to make a significant positive impact on the lives of young ones. Your unwavering support has helped us reach a larger number of kids in our community.

We are thrilled to share our programs’ latest updates and heartwarming stories with you.

Earlier this year, the team at LIAB carefully structured the school programs for the academic year. In June, Life is a Ball kickstarted its sports programs for the year 2023-2024. 

The curriculum focuses on maximising the overall development of our students, in the most fun way possible! Currently, we run sports programs at four venues across Chennai.

With your support, we strive to find the best solutions to create an environment of learning through sports for every single child.

Panchayat Union SchoolSemmencheriWed, Fri
Panchayat Union SchoolSholingnallurMon, Tue, Thu
Theagarayanagar Primary School,TnagarTue, Thu
Yein Udaan Slum Girls (Evenings)ChetpetWed, Fri

Committed to breaking social stereotypes and barriers, LIAB introduced its first-ever all-girls program. Thanks to your support, we don’t plan on stopping at one. 

Recently, we have had the pleasure of teaming up with Yein Udaan, a grassroots organisation in Chennai established in 2017. Their objective is to provide marginalised children, youth and women access to a safe space that offers diverse learning opportunities.

We are currently conducting post-school fitness programs for the children of this organisation. The program entails fun and organised sporting activities conducted at the Ambedkar grounds (Chetpet, Chennai), every Wednesday and Friday. The girls spend over four hours weekly learning invaluable skills through sports.

Our Coach, Miss Dharani (former volleyball player), works passionately to structure development-centric activities for this program. She is joined by our site- manager Mr Sukumar, a Life is a Ball veteran and a local resident at Chetpet.

In no time, the girls at Yein Udaan have proven to us that sky is the limit. These girls are Focused, Free and Fierce!

In April 2023, our Co-Founders Somdev and Vikram put their tennis and fitness
knowledge to good use.

In collaboration with the Sports and
Development Authority of Tamil Nadu (SDAT), LIAB conducted a ten-day camp for 16 promising juniors at the STAD tennis stadium in Chennai.

In attendance were Meer Fazal (13) and Harshini Nagaraj (16), who have both represented India in their age groups, among other promising juniors who are making their mark in the circuit!

The Camp brought together a group of children from various walks of life, fostering an environment packed with teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie!

Life is a Ball also conducted a coaching workshop for young tennis coaches from Bangalore and Chennai. In a spirit of collaboration and giving back, our Co-founders were assisted by these young coaches to conduct the tennis camp!

At Life is a Ball, we strongly believe in fair chances. Thanks to your contributions, we can endeavour to support deserving athletes across India. 

We are excited to share the inspiring journey of one such deserving athlete and a true Go-getter, Sanjay Negi.

An avid runner and a fitness freak, Sanjay joined the LIAB family in January 2022. Under the mentorship of our co-founder Vikram, Sanjay began his obstacle course journey in the year     . Since then, Sanjay has been unstoppable.

Unfortunately on December 30th 2022, Sanjay met with an unpredictable accident in the Himalayas. He was caught in an avalanche for several hours. A search and rescue operation successfully tracked Sanjay, as he was found freezing behind a rock.

YET, hypothermia and frostbites were no match for this champion.

Through his own unbeatable vigour, he has stormed back to recovery, one step at a time! At team LIAB, we have tried our best to support Sanjay’s journey of recovery and rehabilitation. 

LIAB is also sponsoring Sanjay’s comeback obstacle race. He is all set to participate in the Spartan race, scheduled to be held in Thailand                .

Sanjay continues to be a supporter and mentor for the kids at Life is a Ball. 

We wish Sanjay the very best and express our gratitude to all our contributors!

We have some exciting events coming up in the next few months! We are planning experiences to make sure that the children can get learn. Love. Play.

LIAB students from the Panchayat Union School are participating in the ‘Wild Warrior  Barefoot Beach 3K Run’ at the Covelong Classic 2023. The festival will be held at  Kovalam village on the 12th and 13th of August, 2023. 

Coach Shanmugam is guiding and training the kids who are having a blast and  working hard for this race! 

We wish the kids and Coach all the best for this event!

We are excited about sending our kids to an obstacle race! The race is organised by  Wild Warrior, at Madras Offroad Academy, Kelambakkam on the 27th of August.  

Kids from the Panchayat Union School, as well as Yein Udaan, will participate in the  ‘Little Warrior Race’ at the WW Carnival. 

We wish our little warriors the very best and are positive that they will return with  cherished memories!

Sanjay Negi and Life is a Ball are all set for obstacles!

Post the race in Thailand, Sanjay is scheduled to appear for three more obstacle races worldwide.  Life is a Ball is sponsoring these races. In addition, we will also be sponsoring his training leading up to these races.

The races Sanjay is participating in:

  • Spartan Race, Thailand to be held in August 5th-6th 2023 
  • Spartan Race, Kaula Lumpur to be held in October 2023 
  • World Championship, Abu Dhabi to be held in December 2023.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of our  supporters for believing in our mission. Together, we are shaping a health

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